1. Dung Beetles

    Our agronomy team recently completed our first dung beetle monitoring event. Our dung beetle populations can break down 90% of a cow pie in 24 hours. The primary species identified at Hāna Ranch is the tunneling dung beetle Onthophagus gazella. Notice in the photo below how this beetle brings sub soil to the surface and […] READ MORE

  2. Native Plantings at the Ranch

    Our farm team has been hard at work planting windbreaks with native species across the farm. These plantings will help us protect our crops from the wind, and contribute to our goal of helping protect and reestablish native Hawaiian plants. We would like to send a big thanks to our friends at Native Nursery, LLC […] READ MORE

  3. Welcoming Brown’s Ranch

    Recently we welcomed regenerative farmer/ranchers Gabe and Paul Brown from Bismarck, North Dakota to the ranch. This father-son team has received a lot of attention globally in recent years. They have regenerated soil health on their farm on a massive scale over the past decade by implementing the use of highly diverse cover crops, along […] READ MORE

  4. Hāna Ranch Recipe: Dandelion & Ricotta Ravioli

    Our dandelion greens taste so good right now! They are sweet with just a hint of bitter and we have been putting them in everything. Retail Manager Linh Phu made these delicious raviolis filled with dandelion greens and ricotta. Keep reading to get the recipe… READ MORE

  5. One Year Anniversary!

    Today marks the one year anniversary of our stewardship of the ranch and the beginning of our journey in ranching and organic farming. Our team has almost doubled growing from 13 to 24 employees. Our farm has grown from 1/2 an acre to over 12 acres, producing lettuce, broccoli, beets, daikon, herbs, and so much […] READ MORE

  6. Hāna Ranch produce becomes Certified Organic!

    Exciting news at the ranch! Our Farm Manager Rich Leavy has been working for over a year to certify our farming operation as organic. Read on to hear from Rich why this certification is important to us… READ MORE

  7. Little fire ants find their way to Maui

    Farming in a tropical rainforest climate is exciting, but it also has some huge challenges. Managing invasive pests in this rapid growing frost-free ecosystem is a good example of one of the challenges we face. The little fire ant has officially arrived in East Maui. Though the name might not seem daunting, these little guys […] READ MORE

  8. New bulls added to our Herd

    We have added 21 new bulls to our ranch herd! The breed is “South Poll” and they are adjusting well. Ranch Manager Tyler Westhoff already has his two favorites picked out! Keep reading to learn more from Tyler… READ MORE

  9. Hāna Ranch Recipe: Macadamia Nut Rum Balls

    Baking Manager Val Yeager made some these Macadamia Nut Rum Balls for our team a few weeks ago and they were a hit! They are quick to put together and perfect for the holiday reason. Keep reading for the recipe! READ MORE