1. Kids Love Earthworms!

    Our agronomy manager Ian Davidson headed over to his daughter’s first grade classroom to talk earthworms earlier this month. Keep reading to hear about his experience getting kids to love something so slimy… READ MORE

  2. Hāna Ranch Recipe: Kabocha and Tokyo Bekana Curry

    Kabocha squash, Tokyo Bekana and lemongrass – just a few of our favorite products yielded from our fall harvest! These savory ingredients make for a delicious dish that our Retail Operations Manager, Morgan Maki, often prepares for friends and family. Keep reading to get the recipe for our Kabocha and Tokyo Bekana Curry… READ MORE

  3. Farm Share program

    We were excited to share a beautiful crop of radishes, lettuce, basil, corn, bell peppers, and butternut squash with our first community Farm Share members yesterday. Mahalo to each of you for supporting the Hāna Ranch farm and we hope you enjoy this week’s produce! The Farm Share program is a great way for us […] READ MORE

  4. Stay connected with Hāna Ranch

    At Hāna Ranch, we’re committed to serving as active and contributing stewards of our community, both in Hāna and beyond. Today, we’re excited to share one more way you can stay connected with the ranch and the work we do—through social media! You’re invited to join our Hāna Ranch ‘ohana online via our recently launched […] READ MORE

  5. This weekend: New farm stand and Farm Share program!

    Have you noticed the construction of our new farm stand near the Hāna Ranch arena? We are very excited to begin offering local fruits and vegetables for sale directly to our community! Beginning on Saturday, September 13th, we will be selling freshly picked produce on Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11am to 5pm. Stop by to […] READ MORE

  6. Mahalo for coming to our farm tour

    On Saturday, Hāna Ranch was pleased to host a community tour of our growing farm, including our greenhouse nursery, vegetable garden, and lunch provided by our culinary manager. We had a great time spending the morning with friends and family and learned some valuable lessons about future tours, including the importance of shade! We hope […] READ MORE

  7. New horses added to our ranks

    Our livestock managers are continuing to transition to horses (rather than ATVs) as our preferred mode of transportation. With horses, it’s easier to work the cattle without scaring them and to move into rough terrain. Horses are also grass-powered! We are excited to welcome Gabby, Prince, and Midnight to our team of four-legged friends. READ MORE

  8. Pumpkin patch planting

    Many of you have probably seen the prepping and planting of the fields across from the hotel. We’re planning a pumpkin patch with a living maze and winter squash for this October. If the soil and weather cooperate over the summer, we’ll have pumpkin picking and carving in time for Aloha week in Hāna. The […] READ MORE

  9. Combined cattle herd

    We’ve combined all of our cow-calf pairs into a single large herd of over 1,000 animals. This large herd is part of our rotational grazing plan to improve pasture health. The herd rotates through pastures so that the grasses receive a short, intense period of impact followed by a long period of rest and recovery. READ MORE

  10. New additions to our lawn-mowing team!

    Hāna Ranch recently welcomed 40 newly hatched goslings. They’ll spend a few weeks in our brooding pen while they grow feathers to stay warm outside. Then, they will join our ducks up at the farm. The geese are natural lawn mowers, even more so than the ducks. They eat grass and weeds (almost exclusively) and […] READ MORE